“Clown College” – Cranberry Ginger Lager

“I’m not going to enroll in that clown college though, that advertisement had no effect on me whatsoever.”
*Later that night at dinner with his family*
“That’s it, you people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college!”
– Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Available now at Daft Brewing, Clown College, our Cranberry Ginger Lager.

“As with our other beers, we looked for the perfect pop culture reference for the name of this new launch.” CEO Adam Rondeau explained, “We chose a classic Simpson’s reference as in the inspiration for this one. We thought it fitting because the name also doubles as a shout out to our brewer Ryan’s education.”  

Clown College is made with a grain bill of pilsner malt and secrets tightly guarded by Ryan. It is brewed with moderate amounts of real ginger and cranberries to give it added complexity. The beer is a golden color with a light red/pink hue and has a creamy white head that may have a slight red hue to it. After putting in seconds of strenuous effort, including turning the flashlight on his phone on, Ryan remains undecided about this fact.

“The first thing you will notice about Clown College is a heavy whiff of ginger on the nose with a slight cranberry note on the back end. This beer is like the little sister of our original ginger beer, the Soulless Ginger, in that the ginger is much less in your face. It’s light and crisp, with initial malty and bready flavors that evolve into mild ginger and subtle cranberry notes.” Nathan was able to helpfully say.

When asked to give her thoughts on Ryan’s latest creation, Lindsay, Ryan’s wife, said “Ugh, I don’t know. It’s a beer with ginger and cranberry. What do they expect? If they thought the last beer had too much ginger maybe they’ll like this?”

Clown College is available now in Daft’s bottle shop. Make sure to grab this delicious summer brew before it juggles its way off our shelves.

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