“Velvet Thunder” – Whiskey Sour Ale

Holt: “Maybe we should take the chopper.”
Peralta: “Oh! You said chopper!”
Holt: “Deathblade! Sidewinder! It’s go time!”
Peralta: “Roger that Wet Blanket.”
Holt: “From now on call me….Velvet Thunder.”

Available now at Daft Brewing – Velvet Thunder, our Whiskey Sour Ale.

“We named this beer after Captain Raymond Holt because just like Holt, the beer is elegant, smooth, and sexy. Basically it embodies everything Ryan is not as a person.” Owner and CEO Adam Rondeau had this to say about this latest release.

Velvet Thunder is made with a grain bill of 2-row and wheat malt and brewed with Florida oranges, black tea, bourbon barrel oak. This brew is mildly soured, which adds more depth to the refreshing citrus notes. The finished beer has a deep copper colour and is bursting with the refreshing aroma of oranges. 

“The flavour is refreshing and citrusy initially, but evolves into complex and delicate black tea and bourbon barrel oak flavours. The body is light and effervescent with subtle tannins in the background from the tea and oak. Overall this beer is an easy drinking summer sipper with a complexity that makes it more interesting than your typical sour beer.” Nathan, the only Daft employee who has anything useful to offer, said.

Velvet Thunder has a creamy and long lasting head, which is one of the most technically challenging aspects of this beer because sour beer doesn’t typically have good head retention. When asked how he created this effect, Head Brewer Ryan Dhillon had a panicked look come over his eyes as he screamed “Secrets!” and ran away.

Ryan describes his photography for this picture as “pretty intense”

When reached to give her thoughts on Ryan’s latest beer, Lindsay, Ryan’s wife had this to say: “How did you get this number? Stop calling me!” and quickly hung up the phone.

Velvet Thunder is available now in the Daft Brewing bottle shop. Make sure to grab this tasty summer beer for you next sunny day out in the yard as this beer will be flying (like a helicopter, get it?) off the shelves. 

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