Daft Brewing Beer Club

Introducing the Daft Brewing Beer Club! With options to pick up from the brewery, local delivery, or Ontario wide shipping, this is the perfect way for Daft fans province wide to enjoy the latest Daft releases.
How it works

How it works:

Whenever we release a new beer, we will set aside a 6-pack for you.

After every fourth beer that we release, we will put together a case of 24 that contains four 6-packs of our 4 latest releases, and then we  will ship, deliver, or have that case available for pickup.

You will receive $15 off cases that are picked up in house, or $5 off and free local delivery, or you will get discounted flat rate shipping of $5 (Ontario wide).

There are no long-term commitments, cancel or pause your membership at any time.

For more information email us at sales@daftbrewing.com

*We aim to release a new beer every week or two, so you can expect a case to be ready for you every 1-1.5 months give or take.*

To sign up, fill out the form below: