The Team

At our core, we are a ragtag group of dreamers following our passions and adding a bit more joy into our daily lives by turning our interests into our careers.

Ryan – Head Brewer

Ryan has been brewing for over 13 years. He got his start in homebrewing, where he honed his skills and developed several award winning beers, before finally landing his dream job as the Head Brewer at Daft Brewing. Whenever we need something done in the brewery, Ryan is the guy we go to to ask Addie to do it.

Addie – Brewer

A graduate of the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program at Niagara College, Addie is the one that does all heavy lifting in the brewery. Addie’s first recipe with Daft turned into our world famous Lemon Grab. So, if you liked the beer you had here it means Addie made it. If you didn’t…well that probably means Ryan touched it.

Nate – Head Chef

Nate Paty, owner of Lost Boi Cooks, recently joined Daft Brewing as our new head chef, and has brought a new passion and expertise to all our amazing food offerings. Nate has a flair for simple yet comforting food that is reflected in our newly redesigned menu. And as you can see, he loves cheese. Maybe a little too much…

Adam – King of the Rats

Daft’s almost competent CEO is just that. Almost competent.

Known around the brewery for his hilarious, gut wrenching jokes, his oozing sex appeal, and his tremendously completely normally sized and not at all curved… ego, Adam somehow still maintains a heavy dose of humility. 

Damien – Sales Account Manager

Damien sells our beer. Please buy beer from him and/or subscribe to his only fans account. It probably exists.

Beer delivery in those shorts available by special request.