Large Group/Private Event Booking

How it works:

Whether you’re looking to book the space for a large group, a private event, a staff party, a wedding reception, or whatever! We’ve got your back and have done it all.

Every event we book is different. If you are interested in potentially booking the space and getting additional pricing, please answer the following questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Please note:

  • Cake/desserts can be dropped off same day and stored in our fridge if needed
  • We find it is much easier for both Daft and the Booking Group if some or all of the food is selected ahead of time and can be brought out and served to share (if requested)
  • For large group bookings (10+), we ask for a minimum tip of 18%. Anything additional is not required but is greatly appreciated by the staff working the event
  • For private events there is more flexibility with how the evening plays out – ie, you can choose music/playlist, we can turn on our projector to play shows/movies/music/slideshows etc.