Our passion is to create beers that are new, unique, and interesting. We brew a wide variety of different styles of beer that give our menu a wide range of flavours. Whether you’re a novice hoping to try your first sip of a craft beer or a seasoned veteran who’s sampled every beer across the province, the wide range of ever-changing-crazy-juice spewing from our taps will excite anyone interested in discovering beer’s true potential. At Daft, we are particularly fond of sour beers and only use real ingredients. Not a drop of extract has ever or will ever find it’s way into our brews. 

Unlike the majority of breweries, we do not believe in mainstays (except for our Barenaked Lite Lager, which is now a mainstay. We will flip flop on this stance as we please). Instead, we aim to always have a beer that fits within broad style categories (easy drinkers, sours, fruitted, dark, etc). This gives us the freedom to experiment, to try new things, and to constantly learn and improve our craft. We aim to be bold and creative. 

Our daft menu and bottle list is in constant flux – here’s what’s available now.

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