The Thirsty Games

Daft’s Homebrew Competition, Winter 2022

That’s right folks, Daft Brewing is hosting our third annual The Thirsty Games homebrewing competition! The winner of this illustrious event will be able to brew their beer on our commercial system with our head brewer Ryan. You will also receive a chunk of the beer for yourself, and get to have your beer hosted on our taps and in bottles!

  • What Styles: Any style that isn’t barrel aged or contains wild yeasts (kettle sours OK),  must have 1 adjunct (no extract or artificial flavours). For the purposes of this competition, rice, unmalted grains, corn etc do not count as adjuncts. Some examples of acceptable ingredients are fruit, herbs, spices, tea, foraged goods, etc. 
  • Deadline: Sunday, December 18th at 6PM
  • Who’s Eligible: Anyone brewing on a homebrew system. No commercial beers.
  • Entry Fee: None
  • Max Number of Entries Per Person: Unlimited

Each entry must be packaged in four (4) non-distinct bottles, each with a bottle form (see below). An entry form must accompany each submission (see below).

Judging will take place the week of December 19th and the winner will be announced on Christmas day.

May the odds be ever in your favour….

Past Winners

2021: Sean O’Donnell – Irish Red
2020: Trevor Armstrong – British Mild