“Kitten Mittens” Sour New England IPA

“Is your cat making too much noise all the time? Is your cat constantly stomping around, driving you crazy? Is your cat clawing at your furnitures? Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid! Kitten Mittens… You’ll be smitten.” – Charlie Kelly, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Releasing today at Daft Brewing – Kitten Mittens, our sour New England IPA.

Some of you may remember Kitten Mittens from the YGK Craft Beer Fest and MacKinnon Brothers Back to the Farm. For those of you who didn’t have a chance to try it, we are excited to be able to offer to you what is the staff’s favourite amongst all our delicious offerings.

Owner Adam Rondeau was quite pleased with how the beer turned out, stating “This is the best beer Ryan will ever make, I give it a 5 out of 10.”

Originally one of brewmaster Ryan’s award winning homebrew recipes, the sour New England IPA (NE IPA) won Gold Medal and Best of Show at both the Because Beer Competition and the Short Finger Hop Shop IPA Competition in 2017. This beer is a hybrid of the juicy New England style IPA and a fruity sour beer. The result is a hazy, super citrusy, and tropical beer that bursts with the flavours of grapefruit and peach juice.

This recipe requires a delicate balance between pH of the beer and bitterness from the hops to avoid astringency and create a smooth finish. Water chemistry is very important here, with a heavy amount of calcium chloride used to give it a full body that is typical of the NE IPA style. Just like our regular NE IPA, Bingpot, the grain bill contains lots of oats to give it haze which carries all that juicy hop character. In fact, there is no fruit added to this beer. All of that juiciness comes right from the hops.

Kitten Mittens is more than just a sour version of Bingpot. Though they both use the same variety of hops (Citra, Amarillo, and El Dorado), the lower pH of the sour has a significant impact on your perception of the hops, making them taste like two completely different beers. They are interesting to compare side by side to see if you can pick out the differences and similarities between the two.

“I really like it. Very citrusy, very juicy,” Nathan, one of Daft’s bartenders, said when asked for his thoughts, “It’s very approachable for an IPA, it doesn’t have any of that bitterness that people expect.”

Kitten Mittens captures what we aim to be as a brewery at Daft Brewing, trendy and innovative. If our owners were to pick one beer to be our flagship, this would be it.

“It’s good. I don’t know…what do you want from me?” Ryan’s wife, Lindsay, responded aggressively when asked to offer her opinion.

Kitten Mittens is available from the Daft Brewing bottle shop starting today. Make sure to be one of the fortunate to get their paws on one as this beer is sure to be swatted off the shelves soon. 

Try Kitten Mittens today, you’ll be smitten.

“Bingpot” Hazy New England IPA

“I was gonna say bingo and then I was like jackpot’s better but then it was too late, I was halfway through the word.”
-Jake Peralta, Brooklyn 99

New to Daft Brewing this week – Bingpot, a Hazy New England IPA brought to you by brewmaster Ryan Dhillon, and assistant to the regional brewmaster, Addie O’Hara.

Best described as super juicy, this IPA is double dry hopped with a ridiculous amount of Citra, Amarillo, and El Dorado hops. These three hops add a ton of tropical and citrus notes to the beer. The first dry hop addition occurs during fermentation to kickoff biotransformation, where the yeast breaks down longer chain compounds to unlock more complex tropical and fruity flavours. The final dry hopping occurs right before packaging to create a burst of aroma.

The chemistry of the brewing water is carefully balanced to create a creamy mouthfeel with a soft smooth finish. This is complemented with a large addition of oats and wheat to the malt bill, which creates the haze that carries the tropical flavour of the hops straight to your taste buds.

“The first thing people are going to notice about the appearance of this beer is that it’s very pale, but it’s too hazy to see through.” detailed Ryan. “Unlike many West Coast IPAs that are clear and highly bitter with a crisp clean finish, the New England IPA isn’t very bitter, but instead offers a lot of juicy hop flavour and aroma.”

Bingpot will be pouring from the taps at Daft Brewing and available in the bottle shop starting Thursday March 5th. You will soon find it around Kingston at select pubs. It’s taking off!

The Adventures of Ryan the Brewer – Episode 2

Ryan’s back at it again.

We made the mistake of letting him out of the brewery again. After terrorizing the local neighborhood and running off in the forest, he emerged with his latest idea of what he can forage from nature for his next beer.

This time the object of his affections: spruce tips.

I know what you are probably asking yourself right now: “You mean those light green things that grow on those darker green trees?”

That is exactly what we mean.

Dragging our poor placement student and a volunteer out for a second time, this dynamic trio spent a few hours wondering the woods in Collins Bay in search for the perfect spruce tips. After collecting as many spruce tips as they could, and Ryan sticking whatever he could find in his mouth, they headed back to the brewery were thankfully, unlike their last adventure with dandelions, hours of processing did not await them.

What does our brewmaster plan to do this time?

The spruce tips have a prominent lemon-lime flavours with delicate pine in the background. This harvest was used to make a refreshing and light beer with mild tartness, mellow citrus flavours, and subtle piney complexity on the finish. This unique beer will only be made once a year after the spruce tip harvest season

This is only the start of Ryan’s descent into madness experiments with what should can be done in his pursuit of creating new, interesting, and delicious beers. Be sure to keep an on our blog as we document the latest in the adventures of Ryan the brewer.

The Adventures of Ryan the Brewer – Episode 1

Our beautiful bucket of dandelions

We warned you that our beer was going to be Daft, but our head brewer’s latest idea may be his most out there yet.

One day, after a few too many pints, Ryan stared out the window at a patch of grass that was more yellow than green and thought to himself “I can make a beer out of this.”

We laughed thinking these were just the crazy ramblings of a man who had one too many. But much like the idea for Daft Brewing grew from a drunken conversation after a brewery crawl, Ryan didn’t let it end there.

Ryan “hard” at work

Ryan got in touch with the grounds crew at Sisters of Providence St. Vincent de Paul, a local Kingston nunnery (which is exactly what you think it is – a place where nuns live) to arrange for a team from Daft to forage and harvest dandelions on their property.

Dragging our poor placement student and a volunteer along, they spent 2 hours at the nunnery filling three buckets with dandelions. After all the dandelions were collected, they had to be processed – separating the yellow from the green. After hours of work and several pairs of hands that were stained yellow, when all was said and done we had four pounds of processed dandelions.

Our hands are still yellow from this

Now what?

Ryan has a plan – This dandelion beer recipe is a play on dandelion wine, which has been made by people all over the world for 100’s of years or more. A light grain bill of malted barley and wheat is combined with a large addition of wildflower honey to produce a light gold coloured beer. An irresponsible amount of dandelion petals are added to the end of the boil and to the fermenter to give this beer complex earthy and floral flavours and aromas.  An ABV 7.3% means that you can age this beer in the bottle for years, like a wine. You can expect a taste of Spring any time you open this bottle. A burst of floral flavours with subtle citrus and more complex earthy characters in the background. We recommend drinking in the depths of winter to remind yourself that things do get better and the snowy wasteland will eventually recede into green grass and dandelion fields.

This is only the first of many experimental concoctions that Ryan will be developing in that mad scientist brain of his. Be sure to stop by and check us out when we open to see what other crazy juices will be spilling from our taps.