Team Sponsorship/Loyalty Program

How it works:

We wanted to create a way to show all the weekend warriors, evening intramural teams or aggressive try-hards that we care about their teams… and more importantly, their team’s beer consumption.

In doing so, we’ve created our ‘Sports Team Sponsorship‘! This program will allow any registered team to contribute funds to a season-end party at Daft, branded gear, or Daft Jerseys.

Here’s how it works:
1. Have your team captain register below. Your team needs to be registered with an actual league or associated with legitimate league/institution.
2. When your team, or any individual from the team, visit Daft they will be able to log the value of their purchases towards their team’s account. You must ask for the purchase to be recorded under your team before paying for it to be recorded.
3. At the end of your season, your team will be able to redeem 10% of the total value on their account towards either: a season-ending party at Daft (money put towards alcohol and/or food), branded gear, or team Daft jerseys.