Daft’s Vision

“Serious about beer, but that’s about it”

Daft was inspired by a drunken brewery crawl in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. This eye opening self guided walking tour is the sole reason why we exist today. The moment the idea was audibly slurred, we worked relentlessly to build on those mumbled words to bring our vision to life.

Why Daft?

When thinking about what kind of brewery we wanted to be, we thought long and hard. We were able to whittle down our vision to focus on three core principles. We wanted to be fun, inclusive, and non-pretentious. We wanted to create an environment where we would be free to joke around. To make funny beer names. To take silly pictures. To act a little ridiculous at times. To be ourselves… To be Daft.

Why a flamingo?

After watching this video, if you wouldn’t want this majestic creature as your mascot then perhaps you are more Daft than we.