Daft Brewing x Frontenac Cycle Collaboration

We at Daft Brewing are proud of the success of Pedal Pedal Pedal Push, our 2nd annual collaboration with Frontenac Cycle. This collab allowed us to donate $1071 to support Cycle Kingston. We already can’t wait for the 3rd edition in June 2023.

This collab has grown each year, with Pedal Pedal Pedal Push, a delightfully balanced pale ale, being dreamed up by our brewer Addie on our pilot system. The beer proved to be an instant hit and we knew immediately we would be doing the next batch in our big tanks! 

“Pedal Pedal Pedal Push is really good,” said Graeme of Frontenac Cycle, “I don’t know if you can write that on your own blog, but it’s a delicious beer.”

Just try and stop me from writing it on our own blog. There are no rules to hold me back here.

The collaboration between Frontenac and Daft extends beyond just making a really really really ridiculously great beer. Every year the fine folks at FC organize a big group bike ride and we work together to design limited edition Daft Brewing x Frontenac Cycle swag as part of the festivities.

“One of the partners at Daft, Greg, is hugely into biking,” Daft Brewing CEO Adam Rondeau explained about the origins of this collaboration, “It’s safe to say that over the years his ass has taken quite the pounding… from his bike seat.”

Proceeds from sales of Pedal Pedal Pedal Push went to support Cycle Kingston, a registered charity that promotes and encourages cycling in Kingston, Ontario through education and public outreach. You can learn more about their organization here.

“I would like to thank both Daft Brewing and Frontenac Cycling for their support,” said Neal Scott of Cycle Kingston. “With their help we were about to raise just over $1000 to support cycling right here in Kingston.”

Circle the first week of June on your calendars so you are ready for our 3rd annual Daft x Frontenac Cycle collab!

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