“Over the Top” – Double IPA

“Stop critiquing me, okay? I’m a human being! I’m not a piece of art!”
Terry, The Other Guys

Introducing Over the Top, a Double IPA made in collaboration with Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre. 

Modern Fuel is a long running cultural non-profit facilitating the presentation, interpretation, and production of contemporary visual, time-based and interdisciplinary arts. For this release, Modern Fuel created what are sure to be the best looking labels that you will ever see come out of Daft. A portion of all proceeds from sales of Over the Top will go directly to Modern Fuel. You can learn more about them here.

“Over the Top is the perfect name for this release,” explained CEO Adam Rondeau, “because it captures the essence of what a Double IPA is all about. This beer is a piece of art that welcomes critique, unlike our brewer Ryan who, although not a piece of art, needs to be critiqued. Many refer to him as a piece of something, and it aint art.”

Made with a financially irresponsible amount of Southern Passion and Idaho-7 hops, this juice bomb is very citrusy and tropical fruit forward with hints of passion fruit, guava, coconut, and zesty tangerine. Over the Top gives off a sunny and floral fragrance that will help transport you from our current dreary, rainy days and impending winter back to the nice warm summer. You’ll still be physically stuck in the cold dreary days, but you’ll forget that for a bit at least. 

“This DIPA, or Double IPA, has a heavy malt bill and clocks in at 8% ABV, which gives Over the Top a large body,” explained Daft Art Connoisseur, Nathan, “To balance that out our brewing team pumped up the IBUs. The bitterness and high alcohol balance each other well, creating a juicy and not overly bitter beer with a hazy appearance.”

Over the Top is available now on tap and in to go bottles from Daft Brewing. Grab it now and have yourself an over the top experience. 

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