“Keep Summer Safe” – Thai Gose

“Be right back Summer. Stay put, don’t touch any buttons, and ignore all random thoughts that feel….spidery.” – Rick
“Wait you can’t leave me here” – Summer
“Ship, keep Summer safe.” – Rick
“Keep. Summer. Safe.”- Ship
“Ah wonderful.” – Summer
Man walks up to ship “Excuse me, hello?”
Summer turns away in fear
“What? You think you’re better than me? Nobody’s better than me! …Hey!? Hey!” – Man
Ship lasers man into meat cubes
“Keep. Summer. Safe.” – Ship
– Rick and Morty

Available now at Daft Brewing – Keep Summer Safe, our Thai Gose

“There are a few beers that accurately showcase Ryan’s abilities as a brewer,” explained CEO Adam Rondeau, “And this is one of them. Say what you will about Ryan’s personality, but the guy knows how to balance flavours to create a truly special beer. Garbage personality though.”

Keep Summer Safe is the latest beer in our Umami series, following True Level and Slow Ramp. Each beer in this series is made using a gose as the base beer. A gose is a traditional sour German wheat beer that was historically brewed in a region where the water is slightly saline, giving it a mild saltiness while being light and easy drinking. This makes the gose a perfect starting point for our Umami series where the objective is to balance each of the five flavours that we can perceive (sour, salty, sweet, bitter, umami).

This edition of our Umami series has an asian fusion theme. It’s made with a healthy addition of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, a blend of thai chilies and other peppers, sea salt, and is aged on sake oak. 

“When brewing a beer with so many ingredients, I am worried about it being cloying or overwhelming in one element” Head Brewer Ryan Dhillon explained, “but I take special care with this beer. With every drink, your palette will transition from tart to salty to deep umami with subtle sweetness in the background and then finish with a hint of spice.”

Overall, Keep Summer Safe is a fairly unique beer. It is very light and refreshing yet complex and feels like a full bodied beer. As Ryan would like everyone to know, it can be difficult to make such a beer, so please be impressed by him.

“The first thing you will notice with this beer is the citrusy aroma with a hint of spice” explained Nathan, Head Protector of Summer. “The flavour is upfront with tart citrus and quickly transitions into mild spiciness. It has a pleasant mouthfeel and finishes dry and refreshing.”

Keep Summer Safe is available now on tap and to go bottles from Daft Brewing, and also available for home delivery. Let us keep you as safe as Summer in your home and bring the beer to you. Click here to place an order now.

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