“The Beast” – Scotch Old Ale

   “My grandpa, Squidman Palledorous, was police chief back then. He ordered Mr. Mertle to turn his backyard into a fortress and chain up The Beast and put him under the house  where he could never get out to eat children and stuff. That’s where he’s been for years. And that’s where he’ll be for the rest of his life. Because Mr. Mertle asked the cops how long he had to keep The Beast chained up like a slave, they said until forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. And so, The Beast sits there under that lean-to, dreaming of the time when he can break the chain and get out, dreaming of the time he can chase and kill again.”
– The Sandlot

Available now at Daft Brewing, The Beast, our Scotch Old Ale.

“The Beast was the perfect name for our latest release” explained CEO Adam Rondeau, “because much like the Beast in the film Sandlot, our brewer Ryan needs to be chained up in a backyard somewhere and never let out to protect the world from his terrible beer.”

The Beast, made in collaboration with the Kingston Single Malt Society, is a British-style Old Ale aged on Islay scotch oak.

Old Ales are a style of strong beer that used to be aged in casks. They are strong and malty and have been referred to as “winter warmers” or “keeping ales.” Historically Old Ales are cellared in barrels or casks for a year or more.

“The Beast is a complex beer leaning on the malty side with notes of a caramel and a lot of oak character. The beer has picked up tannins from the oak, while also picking up some peatiness and a hint of iodine from the scotch. You will notice a warming in the back of your mouth, and the beer finishes with notes of tobacco that linger gently. This is not a beer for the faint of heart.” explained Master Scotch Taster, Nathan.

This full bodied beer is perfect for aging as explained by Head Brewer, Ryan. “You can drink it today, it’s going to be pretty good. But if you buy six, drink one today and then one on the anniversary of today for the next five years. The beer will smooth out and develop complex notes of dried fruits and vanilla. Time adds a lot of character to a beer like this.” 

“Letting time age out Ryan’s mistakes is probably the only way to drink any of his swill.” Adam added after hearing Ryan’s recommendation.

The Beast is available now in the Daft taproom and in to-go bottles. Buy it before it’s gone forever. Forever. Forever. Forever.

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