Live Art at Daft

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our first live painting at Daft! The event was a ton of fun and gave us the chance to collaborate with some local artists.

So what was this ‘Live Painting’ you speak of?

We assembled a ragtag team of local artists to head over to Daft for the afternoon to do some live painting in front and centre of everyone who came out to watch. We gave them a primed canvas and 2 hours to do whatever they wanted and we weren’t left disappointed.

Each artist came up with something quite unique and then collaborated together to create a 4th piece that might just be our favourite. 

The paintings are 2.5’ x 3.5’ on a ½” pressure treated plywood canvas (safe for outdoors) and are available for sale. 

So how can I buy one of these beautiful pieces?

Please submit an offer via email to

We’ll update the blog post with the status of the current bid. Highest bid received by 11:59pm on September 30, 2020 gets the piece!

The Art!

We can’t speak for the individual artists about their methods or inspiration, but we can and will offer our interpretation of each piece for shits and giggles.


This piece was created by Eric Williams, the artist who completed the mural on the outside of our building. To us, this piece loosely represents an optimists perspective of 2020. With potential stress factors operating at a maximum and the world up in metaphorical flames, all you can do is keep a smile glued to your face as everything melts to sh*t. It is reminiscent of the popular ‘This is Fine’ meme featured on our inside mural. 

Eric Williams
Asking Price: $200
Current Bid: $200
Half of proceeds to BLM Canada


This piece was created by Erons, the artist who completed the mural on the inside of our building. To us, this piece accurately demonstrates Erons’ technical abilities and style. There is a crispness to his patterns/linework that brings a depth to this painting and delicately balances the chaos of the multiple aspects of this piece with a dialed in precision. In other words, we dig it.

Asking Price: $200
Current Bid: $350
Half of proceeds to BLM TO

‘La Tasse de Shit’
“Engage Intellect”
(a.k.a. “Ryan’s Beer”)

This piece was created by Francisco Corbett, an artist that recently found his way onto our radar who does some pretty rad stuff around town. Watching Francisco work away reminded us of a quote from “Ex Machina” where Oscar Isaac’s character Nathan describes a Jackson Pollock painting. “He let his mind go blank and let his hand go where it wanted. Not deliberate, not random. Some place in between. They called it automatic art.” The team at Daft likes to think that while Francisco was working on this piece, his conscious mind went blank… We imagine that the inspiration for the final design occurred while sipping on one of Ryan’s beers. The information that populated his subconscious mind made its way onto the canvas presented in the form of a cup of shit. 

Francisco Corbett
Asking Price: $500
Current Bid:
Half of proceeds to Street Health Centre – Kingston

Ice Cream Mans

This piece was created in a collaborative effort by all 3 artists. We’ll leave the interpreting to you! We’re very familiar with all 3 artists, and we saw the painting develop as it was being created, but if you pay attention to the work you’ll likely be able to pick out each artist’s contribution towards the final piece.

Asking Price: $300
Current Bid:
Half of the proceeds to a charity TBD

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