The Adventures of Ryan the Brewer – Episode 2

Ryan’s back at it again.

We made the mistake of letting him out of the brewery again. After terrorizing the local neighborhood and running off in the forest, he emerged with his latest idea of what he can forage from nature for his next beer.

This time the object of his affections: spruce tips.

I know what you are probably asking yourself right now: “You mean those light green things that grow on those darker green trees?”

That is exactly what we mean.

Dragging our poor placement student and a volunteer out for a second time, this dynamic trio spent a few hours wondering the woods in Collins Bay in search for the perfect spruce tips. After collecting as many spruce tips as they could, and Ryan sticking whatever he could find in his mouth, they headed back to the brewery were thankfully, unlike their last adventure with dandelions, hours of processing did not await them.

What does our brewmaster plan to do this time?

The spruce tips have a prominent lemon-lime flavours with delicate pine in the background. This harvest was used to make a refreshing and light beer with mild tartness, mellow citrus flavours, and subtle piney complexity on the finish. This unique beer will only be made once a year after the spruce tip harvest season

This is only the start of Ryan’s descent into madness experiments with what should can be done in his pursuit of creating new, interesting, and delicious beers. Be sure to keep an on our blog as we document the latest in the adventures of Ryan the brewer.

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