... Opening End of Summer 2019!(serious this time)

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Daft Brewing... A passion project that has been in the works for 3 years. This brewery is built to be the ultimate tap room for anyone who loves beer and socializing. A non-pretentious spot for craft beer drinkers of all levels. Whether you're a novice hoping to try your first sip of craft beer or a seasoned veteran who's sampled every beer across the province, the wide range of ever-changing-crazy-juice spewing from our taps will excite anyone interested in discovering beers true potential.

Adam, Shan, Sergio and Greg started this project with the hope creating something great - a West-coast style tap room that would make people put away their phones, grab a beer and start talking. Our fantastic brewer, Ryan, brews with a style that is even more daft than us. From Grisettes to Sours to one of his many genre defying concoctions, there's no doubt that his style is ahead of the game - with a flair for the unique and an in-depth knowledge of the industry, Daft Brewing will help to bring Kingston the beer it deserves. It is our mission to create an ever-changing array of beer that will entice anyone interested in dialling their tastebuds up to 11.

Aside from our brews, we strive to constantly feature some of best beers and ciders from across the country on our guest taps, to maintain a steady stream of collaborations, and to showcase a tap featuring the best beer that Kingston's homebrew club, Kingston Area Brewers of Beer (KABOB), has to offer.

So mark it on your calendar - End of Summer '19, come get daft with us.

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Creating a name for the project was a challenge and we wanted to find something that properly encapsulated the ridiculousness of this venture for us. Outside of our awesome brewer Ryan, none of us had a history in craft beer (other than drinking it in excessive amounts). We started this entire project out of love of the industry. With zero business experience, no outside financial backing, and minimal support, we dove in head first into uncharted territory with the dream of bringing Kingston a drinking experience it has yet to discover. From the get-go, the entire idea has been Daft, and that's the way we like it.

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Opening Summer 2019!